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With a sound track record since 1997, Humor Diagnostica is an established role-player in the medical diagnostic market.

Our customers include public and private organisations, as well as academic and research institutions, in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Mission, Products & Services, Values

The mission of Humor Diagnostica is to contribute to the improvement of health care through the supply of special diagnostics tests that can make a difference in the well-being and survival of patients.

To accomplish this, Humor Diagnostica’s strategic intent is to improve the performance of existing business, to grow core business activities into new customer segments and geographies and to expand into complementary products and services. Furthermore, Humor Diagnostica is committed to offer customers business solutions backed by leading brands, supported by exceptional service, solid relationships and attention to detail.

Humor Diagnostica’s products and services include rapid diagnostic screening tests, rapid diagnostic test kits, point-of-care instruments, pathology laboratory equipment and reagents, technical services, consumables and accessories.

Underpinning Humor Diagnostica’s business approach and strategic intent are three key values:

  • Accountability – We will take accountability for our actions.  The company will continue to grow by bringing to the market diagnostic tests and equipment that meet individual customer needs
  • Trust – We will earn the trust of our customers, suppliers and each other through our commitment to high standards of conduct.  We will embrace honesty, integrity and credibility
  • Commitment to excellence – We will operate at a level of excellence that is exceedingly and abundantly above the norm.  We will build strong customer and supplier relationships