The Norma Icon is a portable 3 or 5 part differential hematology analyzer. It has a footprint of an A4 sheet of paper and can process closed or open vials with a throughput of 60 tests per hour.

The design enables the Norma Icon to directly measure capillary blood samples collected in BD Microtainer® MAP.  This tube is used for capillary collections from skin punctures for instance heels on infants or fingers on small children. It holds between 250 and 500 μl of blood.

The high throughput, low running cost and small sample volume make it an outstanding analyzer for laboratories. The Norma Icon is also available as a veterinary solution.

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Humor Diagnostica are the exclusive distributors of the Elitech Group Hematology stainers.  The user-friendly Aerospray® stainers and Cytopro® cytocentrifuges are proven performers in the laboratory delivering high-quality results on demand. The Aerospray Hematology Pro automated slide stainer can be adjusted to a wide range of staining requirements.

The run time is short with slides ready for the microscope in five minutes giving superior results. Quality slides are assured through fresh alcohol based reagent sprayed onto slides mounted in a rotating carousel.

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